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How much could you save?

Why use an Auto Insurance Broker? ​

Because they save you time, money and energy when shopping for insurance.  An Auto Insurance Broker has a large selection of insurance companies to compare rates and buy affordable insurance coverage.  

auto insurance broker

Typically you would have to call several insurance companies and provide each call with your information...over and over.  An Auto Insurance Broker does the work for you, gathering info one time. 


Think of buying car insurance like buying an airline ticket. Think of a plan full of people, but everyone on the plane paid a different ticket price. You're all going to the same place, and wouldn't you be happy if you were paying the lowest price?

...of course.

Nobody wants to find out they paid $800 for an airline ticket only to learn the person next to them only paid $150; from the same city, going to the same destination.

The same thing applies using an Auto Insurance Broker. We have multiple insurance company right now offering lower rates locally.  One Call or Click and you now have the Chance to buy a great policy at a low price.

​What our customers are saying...

"It literally only took about 5 minutes for them to take care of my request for information with my policy. They are so nice and very prompt. I am very glad I got in contact with this company, and would recommend them to anyone!!"  

Jill F

What is an Auto Insurance Broker?

They are independent insurance agents working with multiple insurance carriers.  Auto Insurance Brokers are not captive to any one company which means they are not required to sell any one company's product.  This freedom allows an Auto Insurance Broker work for you without favoritism towards any one company.  Auto Insurance Brokers are considered agents for each company they represent but called brokers because they representing multiple companies.  Compensation is paid by the insurance carrier and free of cost to the consumer for the service.

We assume the reason you came to Auto Insurance Broker 
for one of two reasons:

1. You're paying too much for auto insurance 
2. You do not currently have car insurance

Either way we can help find the company and premium that fits your budget here.

Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Fast and easy insurance quotes from leading insurance companies.  Complete the 5 minute quote request and a licensed insurance broker will shop​ multiple insurance companies is minutes for the most affordable rates for your coverage's.

Insurance Agent vs. Insurance Broker - what's the difference?

​1. Insurance agents represent a single company vs. an insurance broker who represents multiple insurance companies
2. Insurance agents work exclusively for one insurance carrier and is not able to offer other company insurance products vs. insurance     broker are independent and have been approved to sell many insurance companies.
3. Insurance agents and insurance brokers are both paid the same way - commission from the company you buy the coverage from.

Is getting an auto insurance quote a hassle?


Stop wasting time calling multiple insurance company's.

Quick Auto Insurance Broker Quotes

5 minutes quotes - here's how.


The basics: name, address, driver's license number of any drivers, any history of tickets or accidents


Vehicle info: year, make, model + current or desired insurance coverage's including any deductibles

That's it...

Auto Insurance Broker will shop multiple insurance companies for the Best Rates.

auto insurance broker

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Broker specializes in auto insurance with relationships with the nations largest insurance companies

Homeowners insurance

Home Insurance

A leader in homeowner's insurance Auto Insurance Broker gives you the opportunity to save more with auto and home insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance to protect the ones you love and make sure they are taken care of.  Or, for a family legacy trust to provide for the future

How do I get an Auto Insurance​ Quote?

  • driver info
  • Vehicle Info
  • quotes

Driver's to be listed on the policy or any licensed driver in the household.  Driver's license #, state, any prior tickets or accidents in the past 3-5 years, whether at fault or not.  

1. Once we gather the driver, vehicle and coverage info we enter in our rating programs which then contents directly with multiple "A" rated national insurance carriers.  The carries provide us with an indication of what rate you'd receive based on the information provided.  Based on the best available rates received we will provide the customer with the initial quotes to compare with what they are currently paying.  

2. Based on the assumed savings we will then bridge over to the individual insurance company directly.  We receive an insurance score compiled of various factors including but not limited to driving history, prior insurance, if any, and check for tickets and accidents to develop a firm offer.  ​

​3. At that point, we present the best available options over the phone or email, for your review and approval.  Our goal is to make sure you have the information to make an informed decision and satisfied the coverage's meet your needs at the price you can afford.

How do I get a Car Insurance policy started?

​Great question!

  Real simple - decide on what method of payment works best for you, checking (EFT) or Credit / Debit   card, monthly, quarterly or pay-in-full, that's it.  Depending on what state you are located (sorry California) you can get a nice discount for pay-in-full...10% or more.  We have carriers that will give the pay-in-full discount over 2 payments, i.e. half now and half in six month for annual policies.  

We then send proof of insurance including auto insurance ID cards.  Many of our carriers also offer smart phone apps were you can see your policy coverage's, ID card, file a claim and make a payment via App.

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​Another satisfied customer

"Lexie was very helpful and helped me get insurance and made it very easy. My insurance is super affordable. Thank you Lexie for all your help"

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